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As an association, we need members!

But we also know the costs that this disease implies, so we only charge a token membership fee: only 1 € (less than $2- depending on the exchange rate), or whatever you want to give, whether you are a patient, caregiver, family or friend of a patient, or a medical expert.

How the money is used

We will offer a financial report each year with detailed incomes and spending.
For information, the money collected will be used for:

  • The fees of the association itself.
  • Maintenance of the website.
  • And mainly to fund the research: the details of the spending per funding will be given in the newsletter.

Most of the website is public, open to anybody, seeking information. Our goal is to federate the ACC community. But there is a small part “FOR MEMBERS ONLY” which gives you the experts’ names and contacts (with their individual agreement), the latest medical information and latest news about the ACC community and undergoing medical trials. We choose to ask for membership for this part of the website only.

Choose how much you want to donate (Minimum 1€ / less than $2). You will then be redirected to the secure Paypal payment website to proceed with the payment. There is no automatic renewal of subscription fees.